March 14, 2012, from San Carlos Blog by Bob Bredel

The good news:  San Carlos schools are in high demand.  The bad news:  San Carlos schools are in high demand.  The San Carlos School District has been searching for a way to accommodate the escalating need for more space at its schools.  The District’s actions are well timed.  The amount of people moving to San Carlos specifically for the schools is rising each year.  As a realtor, I can tell you that it is, far and away, the number one reason buyer demand in San Carlos is so high.

The First Option

The District is considering a few options.  The first option looks at the possibility of adding a single school (K-5) at the Central Middle School campus. The thought is that this one additional school would relieve some of the stress currently being experienced by the other four lower elementary schools, Arundel, Brittan Acres, Heather and White Oaks.  However, the District seems to have two primary concerns with this option:

(1) Adding a K-5 at Central would force the District to once again re-zone schools.  The SCSD just did this a few years ago and the thought of starting that process all over again would most likely not be a favorable option for the community.

(2) The District feels that any new campus, by its very nature, would have certain technological advantages that would not be shared equally by the rest of the K-5 schools.

The Second Option

The second option appears to be a bit more involved, but it may offer the best long-term solution.  This option establishes two new schools in San Carlos at the Central and Tierra Linda campuses.  However, these schools would not be K-5, rather they would be 4-5.

This option is attractive to the District for the following reasons:

(1) Arundel, Brittan Acres, Heather and White Oaks would be moved to K-3, thereby freeing up some space at all four schools.

(2) Students throughout the District would benefit from the technology at the new campuses.

(3) It moves the junior high grades back to 6-8.

The Prospective Campuses

Obviously, adding two new schools to pre-existing campuses will come with some careful planning.  Here are some of the initial thoughts for the new schools … (read more)